Release RM Pro Software Changes Notes

Required Downloads for RM:  Ensure you have these installed on all RM Machines.

If "Save and Apply" setting is greyed out, enter a 0 into the connection ID box of the Network Settings page.

If you can not see bib number, first name, and last name under "view database" please delete the "DatabaseViewSettings.config" file under "C:\RM Timing Systems 6\configs"

Access Database

VLC Media Player 32bit

.NET Framework 4.5 

Version 7.0.16
Added the Splits mode to Import Output file

Version 7.0.15 Nov 24,2020
Standalone installer build

Version 7.0.14 Nov 15, 2020
Updated thread handling for announcer entrants

Version 7.0.13 Nov 13, 2020
Updated Import Entrants to display preview rows on the Map Columns tab
Updated Import Entrants to add a filter for RaceRoster and Run Signup Registration divisions
Updated how ThingMagic programming handles closing the window
Added Ctrl+S along as a Save shortcut on the Edit Athlete/Same Day Registration (pressing enter triggers the Save button if active)
Updated Merge Blank Times
Bug fixes


Version 7.0.12 Nov 5, 2020

Added Use Legacy RM Format to handle interoperability with pre 7.0 systems and iPad apps

Added Log Api Service Response To File option on the Result configurations to help resolve potential posting issues to various Result platforms
Updated Pace display on Overall reports
Fixed Race Stats Report
Added a Filter for Divisions on Import Entrants for Race Roster
Corrected an issue preventing Penalty from being reset back to 00:00:00
Bug fixes

Version 7.0.10 Oct 22, 2020
Updated RaceRoster posting to include paces for calculated finish times
Updated RaceRoster posting to use MPH/KPH for non time paces
Bug fixes

Version 7.0.9 Oct 16, 2020
Corrected an issue when clicking next after using search functionality on the Database window
Removed the setup step for the legacy multiday files
Updated Edit Athlete(SDR) to display Split Names and Pace Times based on the Division
Updated Edit Athlete(SDR) to move the Finish Time entry under the Chip and Gun Start fields
Updated how UTC times are handled using timing box feed and RaceResult active boxes

Version 7.0.8 Oct 6, 2020
Added Postal Code to Create Event on the Result Event Provider window
Corrected an issue that was causing Post Results to RaceRoster to lock due to logging being enabled by default
Added Clear buttons to both the Lap and Relay fields on General Settings File tab

Version 7.0.7 Oct 2, 2020
Updated Import Out File to widen the Database Mode dropdown
Added a new option to use the database modes in the file instead of the selected Database Mode
Updated Timing Box Feed to handle some incoming Mode names with more leniancy
Corrected an issue when closing the software and saving the database an error would occur and prevent rm from starting up

Version 7.0.6 Sep 30, 2020
Updated Import Output File Ignore DB Mode to use the same multiple Split checks
Corrected an issue where the Event City was not being set properly when submitting to an Online Result Provider
Updated the Set Start Times User field checks
Correct an issue where the Advanced Entrant Edit View DNF report would not open up

Version 7.0.5 Sep 22, 2020
Updated Import Output Files to include multiple Split Modes (e.g. Split 1 & 2) and added a Min Split option to control the minimum time between imported Splits
Minor update to make some file path fields clearable via the ui in General Settings
Updated both Same Day/Edit Athlete and Athlete Lookup to autocomplete time text boxes with zeroes on tab if the input is not empty
Updated Database view to open Same Day Registration/Edit Athlete instead of Athlete Lookup
Updated Unattached DF Chips search method

Version 7.0.4 Sep 18, 2020
Minor bug fixes
Corrected an issue with Print Labels

Version 7.0.3 Sep 17, 2020
Corrected an issue on how XC teams are accumulated for reports
Corrected an issue with Chip Import not triggering an upon completion
Updated Software Feed receiving

Version 6.8.12 April 22, 2020

Corrected how XC Teams and Team Counts are set during report generation

Version 6.8.11 March 10, 2020

Fixed an issue with DNF/DNS/DQ on Edit Athlete
Updated SaveDb to write the EntrantStatus (DNF/DNS/DQ/None) in a legacy manner (e.g. None will not be save to file)
Updated Age Groups View to not allow saving if the Division/Gender is not selected
Disabled Online Storage Update from saving when readers are connected
Updated Kiosk not displaying Chip/Gun Elapsed times when querying a local system

Version 6.8.10

Updated how Edit Athlete handles edits after race day
Updated setting the Result Url for RaceRoster events on the Result Provider
Updated how laps are reattached to the entrant when loading a database and Auto Move last lap is checked
Added a full live db export

Version 6.8.9 February 28, 2020

Fixed an issue with posting results for Stage Races

Version 6.8.8 February 26, 2020

Updated how bib swap works with the new DB and fixed a couple of issues regarding Same Day Registration and Edit Athlete
Fixed an issue with the Time Check Report
Fixed an issue with Advanced Entrant Edit Move Division command
Fixed an issue when starting with a blank db
Added new General Settings menu options

Version 6.8.7 February 24, 2020

Updated RaceRoster result scoring
Bug Fixes

Version 6.8.6 February 21, 2020

Corrected spelling for Illinois
Updated RaceRoster Result posting to include Gun or Chip time information
Added a check to prevent launching Online Storage if the system is Connected and or Reading
Fixed issue on ChipReads screen with Missing entrants and the Last Entrant per split
Updated Load Db datemodified handling
Updated default save options when Updating Online Storage through the main menu
Updated the Online Storage load all files
Corrected an issue with the Camera Setup screen incorrectly showing items as required when opening the screen

Version 6.8.5

Added the ability to display Lap distances on the announcer screen based on the Division distance
Fixed issue when starting with blank db
Fixed bugs with Edit Athlete displaying paces and elapsed times

Version 6.8.4 January 29, 2020

Updated Search Output files to open the Online files
Updated General Settings use custom path to handle testing and creating new folderss for file paths
Updated Print and Reports AutoSave on the current reports

** Preview features **
Fixed bug in RaceRoster Kiosk Result Provider

Version 6.8.3 January 24, 2020

Updated ctrl-s to match the Save DB from the dropdown
Updated ctrl-d to open the Database View
Removed MultiDay Mode
Added Gun Start Date to the General Settings
Fix bug in Chip Reads
Updated Setup Assistant to display 16 Chronotrack Ports
Fixed bug in SetupAssistant with Load Chip File

** Preview features **
RaceRoster is in preview(beta) as a Kiosk Result Provider
Added a new utility that will to update Database Dates for all time fields

Version 6.8.2 January 23, 2020

Updated Edit Athlete to update the pace if the time changes
Added ResultUrl to the RaceRoster Result Api Event Search to populate the result link at the top of Result Event Provider when an event is selected
Updated merging combined scoring db files

Version 6.8.1 January 21, 2020

Corrected an issue where the system would not update the new db correctly if set to "Splits" mode
Defaulted the RealTime Event/Connection Id to a 0 (zero) (this preventing the save button from being enabled when the settigs were reset to default)

Version 6.8.0 January 17, 2020

** Breaking Change ** Software Feed is incompatible with versions prior to 6.8.0

Software Feed now uses the org id and the Connection ID to connect computers together.  Both found under network settings.

Added the ability use upto 16 ChronoTrack (SimpleClient) instances
Corrected an issue that incorrectly flag db entries as not being empty
Corrected an issue in Setup Assistant that was not triggering the readers to update on the Main Screen
Added new External Race Clock and Settings
Updated Software Feed and Timing Box Feed UI
Added checks for both Access DB and VLC along with links to us sports timing for downloading ( and the required software
Added the ability to Post custom names to RaceRoster for the User 1-10 fields

Version 6.7.2 December 13, 2019

Changed the Result Settings Event selection "Pull Divisions And AgeGroups" to make it a manual toggle instead of being on by default
Updated Use Gun Time for Scoring when submitting to Result Providers
Bug Fix-age groups showing runners twice until division file is reloaded.

Version 6.7.1 November 21, 2019

Updated Announcer screen to center the Laps and Location Column
Updates and fixes to merge, automerge registrations, and general settings defaults and few other minor items
Changed the default width on the Division view
Updated how Split Paces and Estimated Finish Times are calculated based on Division Split distances and calculate from column
Updated how Online Storage triggers various items on the main screen e.g. Readers, selected Result Api and Event
Updated RaceRoster Result Provider to use the Gun Time for Places-Found in Result Provider Settings.
Updated RaceRoster Result Provider set the Show Online flag from the Divisions screen-When toggled off then the divisions will be set as Private and not visible for results.
Monor bug fixes

Version 6.7.0 November 6, 2019

Updated Online Storage with the ability to save General Settings, Print and Report Settings and Result Api Settings
Updated External Announcer/LeaderBoard Settings with window Height and Width along with the selected Mode
Updated Relay Edit to display relay teams with out a duplicate entrant
Update the Announcer screen to center Laps and Location and to display the current lap count
Corrected an issue when attempting to Delete an entrant from the Edit Athlete dashboard tab
Updated the Search Output file screen

Version 6.6.5 October 31, 2019

Updated RaceRoster Result Event Creation
Updated how the ThingMagic chip programming handles reading new tags by default
Added an Enable Scoring option in General Settings (needs to be enabled to display live places in Announcer/Leaderboards)

Version 6.6.3

Corrected issue where RaceRoster Registration Provider would need to be logged in again
Added a loader on the Import Output file window
Changed which files are loaded first to have a minimal impact on Scoring
Corrected issue on Kiosk using RMRaces to display entrants
Updated Kiosk to Show/Hide Splits based on the Division Split Columns

Version 6.6.1 October 16, 2019

Updated the Scoring system

Version 6.6.0 October 15, 2019

Corrected an issue when saving Age Groups that was causing them to double for reports and on the age group screen
Updated how merging handles certain columns
Updated the scoring engine, updates Kiosk and result places for posting

Version 6.5.5 October 11, 2019

Corrected issues affecting the Kiosk screen

Version 6.5.4 October 10, 2019

Corrected an issue with Edit Athlete saving new Entrants
Updated Team Auto Complete on Edit Athlete to have font be black again
Disabled the ability Refresh Licenses while reader(s) are connected
Updated both the Result and Registration providers to login when pressing enter after entering the username and password
Updated the General Settings to browse the new Age Group file format by default
Fixed Kiosk Listen on Same Network enable button on the General Settings screen

Version 6.5.3 October 4, 2019

Minus(-) Bib #'s appear in the Bib history window again not just in the log and console
Update how Tranisition Split settings are being sent to RaceRoster result api
Corrected column ordering on AthleticNet export
Updated Report Generator to search local files when the Online Storage module is not enabled

Version 6.5.2 October 3, 2019

Added Filter13 to Ignore chip reads for a mode if there is a time in a column
Corrected Merge files issues
Updated Edit Athlete and Lookup Athlete to display Split names based on the Division
Corrected an issue in View database that would display an incorrect elapsed time if the finish time was cleared

Version 6.5.1 September 27, 2019

Updated Setup Assistant to close any related windows before continuing (Divisions, Age Groups, Entrant Import, Settings, Result/Registration Providers and Camera Setup)
Added validation to the Result Event to not allow saving if any required fields are missing
Minor text changes

Version 6.5.0 September 24, 2019 MAJOR CHANGE

The update to version 6.5 of RM Pro Timing Software is available. This new release utilizes a new database functionality that allows for live scoring.
Due to this new Database you will not be able to open a database created from version 6.5 in previous versions of RM Pro. The backup DB can still be used in previous versions.

Major features:
New Database that recalcs in real time. Database cannot be loaded in previous versions, must use the backup db for that.
RaceRoster Integration
-New Division file allows for split posting as well as calculated from a previous split posting for online results.
-New Division File allows for Stage Race Scoring where a min # of splits is required in order to be considered finished. (does not use start or finish times)
-New Division File allows for reordering for display and export.
-Event creation can be performed under result provider settings>>Event Info to create a RaceRoster results event.
-Result columns under result provider settings sets columns as visible for online posting.

New Functions in RM
-Places now display in Announcer screens and recalc when needed.
-Advanced Entrant Edit to move all those without a finsih time to another division.
-New Move Migrate option allows other data columns in RM to be moved to other data columns.
-Age Groups now save N for Neutral Gender
-Manual TIming Updatae allows for 0 entries to be given a bib number and mass imported.
-New Merg Lynx File allows for import of finish time from a LIF lynx file by division. Use TOD Start for the event in Lynx for this import.
-New External Displays utilize 144x288 resulution displays for announcer and Leaderboard.
-New Leaderboard will display top 3 per division (based of division overall regarless of gender) on the bottom while live finsihers scroll on top.
-New PPL export for Lynx for identification. Be sure to save as lynx.ppl as that is what Lynx will look for.
-New option to update division file start times under Set Start Times.
-Software feed will now appear in Bib History and Announcer windows. Added Finish and other DB modes ot Software Feed.

More Features:
Updated the Trident INI Screen to set "Start" correctly for the api querystring
Updated Report Generator Search Templates to scroll correctly and populate local templates when not online
Updated how Athlete ordering is handled
Added new Manual Time Update screen
Updated Invalid Split Report to also check against chip/gun start time
Added Division Check button on the Divisions Screen
Updated Report Generator to select all Genders when 'Include All Entrants' is checked
Updated Move Migrate times to move from 'FinishTime' to a different column
Database now saves full dates and times in the all the Time Columns to ensure data loads and calculates properly (only Time columns are affected does not include the current Chip/Gun Elapsed columns)
Added new Manual Time Update to handle applying Bib #'s to previously entered Bib #: 0
Added new toggle's for Live Result Post Columns (if the result provider supports them)
Updated the Advanced Entrant Edit Change Division by Criteria to include ChipStart and FinishTime
Added Split Column Presets to Divisions (just pick a preset and will autoconfigure split names, distances and types)
Report Generator All Genders are selected by default when loading reports
Added External Announcer Screen and Config to support lcd displays with a resolution of 288x144
Updated Division Screen to ask to save the Divisions before opening Division Check
Added Create Event on the Result Provider Screen
Added External Announcer Leaderboard Screen
Added Announcer Leaderboard Screen
Corrected an issue with AthleticNet export where the columns were not being serialized properly to the csv export file
Import Entrants does not allow importing single quote (') any more
Added Lynx Merge Option (under the Utility menu)
Added Neutral Age group to the Age Groups form


Version 6.0.10 May 20, 2019

Updated how ImportEntrants handles Title Case, capitalization, no change settings
Updated how maximize scales
Updated the User Account Payment Cards tab
Renamed Monza 4 to Numeric (open)

Version 6.0.9 May 16, 2019

Update file permission check

Version 6.0.8 May 16, 2019

Added 2 new formatting options to the Kiosk Settings to help configure the Display Message for a name and the Display Caption (for the Event Name)
Removed the column matching restriction on the import output file.
Added the ability to import RaceResult Active and Trident DF/Hybrid output files
Updated how RunSignup queries registrations for custom questions during Import
Added new UseGunTimeForScoring to result providers to determine which column is used for scoring when uploading results
Min Split can be changed while readers are collecting and the system is not in Start mode
When pressing Enter on Manual Entry with out entering anything else will act as a shortcut for entering "0" as a bib number to the log and output files
Added Ctrl+0 as a shortcut to enter "0" as a bib number to the log and output files
Updated Search Output Files to search "0" bibs
Updated Import Entrants to assign incoming columns to the newer database fields (user1-10)
ThingMagic Chip Programming defaulted write power to 1%
Added file permission check when not running as administrator
Added "Exclude Empty Entries" to Report Generator to remove participants the do not have criteria matching "Rank By" criteria.

Version 6.0.6 April 18, 2019

Added additional text to clarify the Kiosk Streamer settings
Updated the MinSplit dropown to allow changing the min split while reading
Updated the Report Generator to carry over the Gun/Chip Elapsed setting from step 2 as the initial Order By clause
Updated how the Import Entrants displays incoming information from the Registration Providers
Updated CameraSetup to not allow setting the Computer Time if the Readers are Connected
Removed licensed requirements for Registration and Result Providers
Added new Kiosk Reader window to display a congratulations message when used with Chip Check mode for entrants to scan their bibs
Added RChip and Version 4 chip options to the Zebra/ThingMagic print screens
Added a check on set System Time to not display it as set if there was an error contacting the internet time servers
Other minor updates

Version 6.0.5 March 13, 2019

Added Kiosk Query Interval Setting defaults to 5 minutes
Added Reader Info with the ability to display Serial Number and Mac address while also submitting to RM to add the readers to your account
Fixed bug with PRO chip and resetting to default
Updated Lynx Module check

Version 6.0.4 February 23, 2019

Changed cache timeout on Kiosk local network to 1 min (was 5)
Division Names allowed characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, /, ., +, &, and |

Version 6.0.3 February 21, 2019

Added trident schema file for Trident settings screen
Updated RM Timing news url

Version 6.0.2 February 20, 2019

Updated empty Age group handling when posting to RaceRoster Results
Updated RaceRoster Result processing
Added an overlay when the VLC is missing displaying a download link

Version 6.0.1 February 15, 2019

Initial patch release for RM Pro no changes

RM PRO RELEASE February 15, 2019

Chip Check screen includes Chip count
Custom Groups (Masters, etc) can be configured to not be removed when they are overall's
Added the ability to sort Age Groups in Reverse Order
Added Chip output as an option when saving to online storage
Added the ability to upload Laps to RaceRoster results
Updated Age Grading to use KM if they are set in the Divisions
Added Lap1 as a source option on Move/Migrate times
The search box is defaulted when opening the new Database view
Removed empty alert box when uplaoding Divisions to Providers that support uploads
Removed old Report Generator
Set the Lookup Athlete button as visible again on the Edit Athlete tab

RM PRO BETA RELEASE Version 6.0 January 22, 2019

Initial release of RM PRO Timing software.
Complete overhaul of license model for RM Timing Software. New Module based pricing structure uses a base $750 per year charge
with add on modules for software features. Full list of Modules and pricing can be found under File>>Account.
Notable New Features:
New Setup assistant
RM PRO CHIP Reading and Programming. RM PRO will ONLY work with RM Pro Chip
Trident Settings Window
Zebra Printer enabled for all RM users.
Updated XC Scoring, saved XC report settings, XC result posting option.
Credit based chip programming allows the timer to use Zebra Printers without required license model.
RM Pro Foam Chip Programming using Zebra Silverline Printer
Streamlined help video access
New side by side Video comparison in Athlete lookup/video lookup
New Report Generator with 4 sort by options
Online storing/sharing of report templates
15 split times in Database
10 Userfields in Database
Compact View/Advance View options for screen display
Clock Name no longer required to update clock time
New Checks on Entrant import to clean incoming data
Removal of overall form Rotating Results Display
Addition of AutoMerge Option for Registration information
Includes only empty cells or all incoming non time related fields

Important Note - Windows 7 and 8 users must download .net 4.6.2 from Microsoft, install and reboot before update.  It will be included in the complete build.