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R|R ACTIVE LOOPBOX: Activates the transponders. The data will be received at another timing point (via WIFI or stored in the chip[Pro transponder only]. Data is then pulled from the chip into the USB Active system.


The stand-along Loop Box revolutionizes the way how to take split times. Loop Boxes at close-by split timing points will repeat detections wirelessly to the main system. In case of remote timing points the ActivePro Transponder saves the times and then transmits them when arriving at the finish.

Easy Setup
- No wiring needed between main system and split timing points.

Small Investment
- For an additional timing point you only need a Loop Box instead of a complete timing system.

Stand Alone
- The Loop Box can run even with a small battery for 24 hours.


Includes 13 m loop cable.

Active Loopbox ACTIVE (Active Dual Frequency)

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