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R|R ACTIVE USB: Active Timing System with USB connector for your PC. 18 hr battery life. Can work stand alone and gather reads. Reads can be dumped into RM Timing Software once you connect. 100% read rates. Can also send reads via wifi to the next system.


Same system used by the grand tour cycling events.


Best used for:

- Triathlons

- Cycling

- Swim Events

- Mud Runs

- Incl. USB cable and 13m loop cable.


Product overview:

The USB Timing Box is the alternative to the UHF System (Diamond). It is connected directly to your computer, a timing box is not needed.
Thanks to the internal memory for 1000 detections and the internal battery, your race timing will not be interrupted if the computer crashes.

The USB Timing Box the perfect solution for karting tracks or triathlons.

Active USB ACTIVE (Active Dual Frequency)

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