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TRIDENT ACTIVETAG 64: The RM Trident ActiveTag is made for motorsports, cycling, running, watersport and multisport events where you want that extra security of read rates. The battery amplifies the tag signal so there is no chance of missing a read at high speeds.


Product overview:

Placement on a bike isn’t a problem. The tag can be fitted with cable ties to the front fork or shocks of a motorbike, cycle or cart or can be worn around an athlete’s ankle. The ActiveTag’s ergonomic form makes it a smaller, more user-friendly tag and can be used with the new AnkleStrap. The tag can be made in several colours, which makes it great for clubs and annual subscriptions and/or visual identification of competitors within multiple events.


Product specs:

  • Battery pre-fitted
  • Battery life of 2 years
  • 64 reads per second
  • Robust waterproof construction (IP67)
  • Two convenient slots for easy insertion into AnkleStrap
  • Small form factor – just 40mm x 12mm x 9mm
  • A small hole for a split ring allows for attachment to a dog collar
  • For larger batches we can offer custom colored tags
  • Tag mapping file included for easy import to your scoring software

Trident ActiveTag 64

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