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RM TRIDENT ULTRAMAT: Introducing the RM Trident UltraMats. The new generation of timing mat specifically made for the 2014 Trident TM Pro or Club series readers to provide the ultimate timing solution. They have unique “smarts” built in which create ultimate read rates and distances.


Product overview:

We’ve simplified the set up process and taken away the need for colour-coding. Simply plug any mat into any connection port on your reader and you are ready to go. We’ve also made tuning simple. The UltraMats do it for you. They can be laid out in any environment and will auto-tune themselves by filtering out electronic “noise” and setting themselves at the optimum signal to achieve best-read results for the local conditions. In fact, these mats outperform your legacy mats by so much that operator error may well become a thing of the past!

Important Note: UltraMats can only be used with the TM Club or TM Pro readers.


Product specs:

  • Robust water resistant PVC coil construction with sewn edges
  • Non-slip nodules to minimise movement in heavy traffic
  • Compliant with USA, European, Australian, and RSA spectrum allocations when used with the Trident TimeMachine Club and TimeMachine Pro readers
  • Suitable for use with all Trident and IPICO Sports tags
  • No need to for colour coding. Cannot be incorrectly connected
  • No need to mix tail lengths. Every tail is a standard 10 meter length and length is customizable.
  • Self-tuning to optimize read rates reducing the chance of missed tag reads


Trident DF HYPER Mat

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