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THINGMAGIC UHF USB READER: Used with the RM Timing System to manually program chips and chip checks. 


Product overview:

Great for quick programming of chips at an event to save the race director money. Since it requires close proximity works great for chip check without picking a lot of chips up at once. ***Must be purchased through RM Timing to work with our software (licensed). The USB RFID Reader is a low cost platform for developing and deploying interactive read/write applications. Driven by ThingMagic's Mercury 5e-Compact UHF RFID reader module, the USB RFID Reader is controlled and powered by a desktop or notebook PC. Supporting ThingMagic's application development tools, the USB RFID Reader's small size, integrated antenna, ease of deployment and low cost make it ideal for application developers.


Product specs:

  • Support for EPCglobal Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) with Anti-Collision and DRM
  • Internal ceramic antenna with an average gain of -2.6 dBi from 860 to 960 MHz
  • Powered by USB connection to notebook or desktop PC
  • ThingMagic Reader Assistant software and applications development tools
  • Support for full 860 to 960 MHz UHF RFID carrier frequency range to accommodate worldwide regulations
  • Certifiable for operation in countries adopting FCC, ETSI and Korean regulatory specifications (others pending)
  • Tag Read Rate up to 190 tags/second
  • Tag Read Distance Up to 12 inches (31 cm)
  • High impact plastic case
  • Dimensions: 97 mm L x 61 mm W x 25 mm H (3.8 in L x 2.4 in W x 1.0 in H)

USB Reader for Programming Chips

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