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Trident 8 Port UHF Timing System $3500

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Trident 8 Port UHF Timing System (UHF, Hybrid option available): The 8 port Trident system is our top timing system. Built to handle the largest events, the Trident has been used at the top events in the nation. Also, available as a hybrid with 2 ports DF. Product overview: The Trident 8 Port can be configured with up to 8 RM mats in 1 line (32') or 2 x 4 mats setup. If the ground is rough, or you are doing cross country you may opt for the folding mats. RM performance mats are 48" wide. Also available is the Trident and RaceResult folding mat system, slightly modified (4.8 M wide, 8 ports). All read comparable with Monza 6 chips. This 8port UHF unit is also available as a Hybrid Reader that includes 2 ports of Dual Frequency for use with DF chips and tags. Combind with RM Timing software, this system setup has been used to time many of the largest running events in the world! Alternatively, you can use truss or arch mounted antennas to avoid having anything on the ground. For multisport events, such as triathlons, you may set up side mounted antennas sitting low to the ground, the mat based system, or a combination of both. Product specs:

  • Internal battery for up to 8 hours.

  • Supports multiple antenna possibilities (Side antenna or mat antenna)

  • Big LCD with large font making it easy to read.

  • GPS is the most common true time source, TimeMachine now uses GPS for an accurate time source. Meaning that your TimeMachine will always be on the true time, making manually syncing your reader time a thing of the past

  • High/Medium/Low switch allows you to set transmit field strength easily depending on what type of tag you are using.

  • Transmit on/off button – simply toggle to stop reading tags without turning the reader off

  • Detects and provides antenna connection performance operating parameters (SWR value) for diagnostics.

  • Provides environmental noise information (background RSSI).

  • Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2/ISO18000-6C.

  • RF power: 5~30dBm,adjustable by software with 0.5 dBm stepped

  • Reading distance: 24m/12dBi Antenna (effect by antenna, RF power, and working environment)

  • Inventory speed: >400 tags/second for Gen2 and.

  • Working frequency is 840 to 960 MHz with Listen Before Talk (LBT) function.

  • Support for dense reader mode (DRM) function

  • Instant-ready system from power up. Start time is < 1 second.

  • Robust BNC (bayonet) Connectors.

  • Hybrid Units available as well.

  • Does not include system charger.

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