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Trident DF PRO (Dual Frequency) $2500

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TRIDENT TIME MACHINE PRO (DX4, XR): The TimeMachine Pro-XWR V2 is the professional reader with all the bells and whistles. We’ve added enhanced features by working closely with our professional race timers so everything you need is built into a lightweight ergonomic case weighing in at only 7kg.

Product descriptions: Includes USB, Ethernet & Wi-fi communications with integrated 3G Commsand SIM card for web connectivity and radio modem for mesh networked remote split or spotter systems. Also has DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) allows network devices to automatically obtain a valid IP address.

The standard system supports 4 x Ultra ProMats or Ultra ClubMats. Power efficiency is up to 4x better than Legacy Readers! Start time is less than 1 second with system instantly ready from power up.

Enhanced Communications: X = eXtended router functions (Wifi & DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) W = Web enabled with integrated 3G Comms and SIM card for web connectivity R = Radio Modem communications All our systems come in bundles with all the tools you need to start timing. Key features:

  • Supports four (3M or 6M) Trident UltraMats

  • Robust, waterproof, small (L27 x W24 x H18 cm) durable plastic, latching case

  • 12VDC, 9Ah internal battery

  • Power monitoring system with LED battery level indicator.

  • Instant-ready system from power up. Start time is < 1 second.

  • Large Color LCD display showing key information

  • Supports active transponders, with very large receive loop dimensions (up to 8m x 1m coverage per loop).

  • Internal Beeper (can be disabled by configuration)

  • Receivers and transmitters report their status

New features:

  • Bigger LCD with larger font making it easier to read.

  • GPS is the most common true time source, TimeMachine now uses GPS for an accurate time source. So your TimeMachine will always be on the true time, making syncing your reader time a thing of the past.

  • High/Medium/Low switch allows you to set transmit field strength easily depending on what type of tag you are using.

  • Transmit on/off button. Simply toggle on or off, allowing you to stop reading tags without turning the reader off.

  • Improved interference and electrical noise immunity as standard.

  • New minimised weak zones at ends of mats using time division multiplexing.

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